Instructions for Article Summaries


Article summaries are required for scholarship recipients taking classes other than early care and education classes (such as English, History, Math, etc.) to meet degree requirements: 

  • Complete 3 one-page article summaries on an early childhood topic. See the list below for suggested topics.
  • Complete the summaries for each semester in which you receive scholarship funds to attend classes other than early care and education classes, Choose 1 topic and summarize 3 articles on separate aspects of that topic.
  • Chose a different topic each semester in which a scholarship is awarded
  • Articles summarized must be research based and peer reviewed
  • Examples of appropriate sources for articles are: NAEYC Journal Young Children, SECA Journal Dimensions, LAECA journal Collaborations, Early Childhood Digest, websites of any early childhood professional organization or university.
  • Do not use Wikipedia as a source for these articles.
  • Include a copy of the article with each summary
  • Summaries may be typed or hand written, but typed is preferred.
  • Article summaries must be completed and submitted to Louisiana Pathways Scholarship Department by the due date identified in the award letter
Examples of Appropriate Topics Organized by CDA Categories


CDA 1 Healthy and Safe Learning Environment
   Playground Safety or Supervision
   Room Arrangement or Environment
   Obesity Prevention
   Play and Learning through Play
CDA 2 Physical and Intelectual Development
   Benefits and Learning from Nature
   Increasing Cognitive Skills
   Technology and Young Children
   Scaffolding Children's Learning
   Interactions to Expand on Children's Concepts
   School Readiness
CDA 3 Social and Emotional Development
   Guidance and Discipline
   Environmental Effects on Children's Behavior
   Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse
   Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity
CDA 4 Working with Families
   Working with Families
   Family Involvement
   Parent Conferences
   Family Diversity
CDA 5 Program Operation
   Selecting Age-appropriate Materials
   Developmentally Appropriate Practice
   Inclusion of Children with Special Needs
   Using ECERS or ITERS (or other Program Assessment Tools)
   Using Louisiana Continuum of Early Learning Standards
CDA 6 Professionalism
   Ethics and Professionalism
   Early Childhood Professional Organizations Mission and Benefits
CDA 7 Observing and Recording Children's Behavior
   Appropriate Assessment and Documentation
   Comparison of Various Screening Instruments
   Screening for Social/Emotional Development
   Compiling and Using Portfolios
CDA 8 Child Development
   Child Development
   Language Development
   Physical Development
   Social/Emotional Development
   Appropriate Assessment of Child Outcomes