Important Announcement! 

We are busy preparing School Readiness Tax Credit Forms, which will be mailed out on Wednesday, January 31st to all members on levels Teacher 1 and above or, Director 1 and above as of December 31, 2017.  If you submitted documentation that will affect your level after the December 31st deadline, you may receive a tax form for a lower level than you expect, or your tax form may not be included in the first group of tax forms due to go out.  We will continue to process documentation received after the deadline and will send additional tax credit forms to those who qualify at the end of February and again at the end of March. 

The official list of Pathways members who may be eligible for the Child Care Director and Staff Member credit based on their career ladder levels will be sent to the Department of Education at the end of March and from there it will be sent to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. 

If you have an address change and have not yet reported it to Pathways, please do so as soon as possible by emailing your updated information to us. 

This year’s amounts are as follows:

Level Four Director or Level Four Staff      $3,358.00

Level Three Director or Level Three Staff    $2,798.00

Level Two Director or Level Two Staff      $2,239.00

Level One Director or Level One Staff      $1,680.00





Mission Statement 

Louisiana Pathways Early Learning Center Career Development System is committed to improving the quality of child care throughout the State of Louisiana. This is accomplished by supporting early childcare professionals in furthering their careers and by providing the recognition they deserve. Pathways provides this support by providing scholarships for training and education, tracking training received by child care professionals and by recognizing their achievements.

 Becoming a part of the Louisiana Pathways Early Learning Center Career Development System enables you to:


select professional development opportunities that lead to building a career rather than simply satisfying a licensing requirement
utilize training provided outside of secondary and higher education that meets designated criteria and builds a core knowledge base
select training to meet licensing mandates and Quality Start requirements that is meaningful, relevant, and engaging to you
seek continuity of instruction that builds on the experiences you have on a daily basis in your work in early care and education programs. 

Enrollment Information

We have provided the necessary FILLABLE .PDF forms to submit.  (Download the .pdf file then select the open or save option.)  Downloading the form will allow you the opportunity to type your information into the form(s) and print for signatures.  (We are not accepting electronic signatures at this time.)

Research has documented the importance of raising the community's perception of the importance  of work with young children. The Louisiana Pathways system rewards and recognizes both caregivers and administrators.