Jenny Cowen

Jenny oversees the operations of the Louisiana Pathways including Career Development, Scholarhships and Trainer Approval.  She is responsible for manageing the workload to ensure that processing standards are met. She works as liaison between Pathways, Louisiana Department of Education, and Louisiana Department of Revenue regarding the School Readiness Tax Credit (SRTC) for Directors and Staff and ensures that SRTC forms are distributed each year. 

Judy Bryant

Judy has responsibility for processing scholarship applications for college tuition. She also helps to ensure all necessary paperwork is submitted to the scholarship office.




Gaynell coordinates and maintains various database updates, website maintenance, Social media updates and all computer issues for LA Pathways and the Child and Family Network.

Chandra works closely with Louisiana Pathways clients to help them better understand what is required to move up the career ladder and achieve their desired level. She also evaluates center staff members for School Readiness Tax Credits and works closely with directors to ensure that their director’s reports are current.

Donna has primary responsibility for ensuring that Pathways members are placed at the appropriate levels on our career ladders and that processing timelines are met.  She also assists with processing mail and database entry. 

Yolanda Hendricks
  • Yolanda Hendricks
  • Program Assistant
  • 318-677-3147

Yolanda processes scholarship applications for CDA Assessment scholarships and Administrative Training scholarships.  She will ensure that you understand the scholarship process and follow up to make certain that all scholarship requirements have been met. She also provides administrative support to the trainer approval section.

Jeanne Thomas 2

Jeanne evaluates child care personnel records to determine correct placement on Pathways Career Development Ladder. She also ensures that staff meet requirements for School Readiness Tax Credits. She handles customer issues and questions while promoting a better understanding of the Pathways Career Development System.

Gladys Jackson

Gladys assists with various programs within Louisiana Pathways.  She processes all mail for Louisiana Pathways and is the primary data entry person for Career Development.