Independent Trainer Initial Application Process  


An independent trainer is any individual who would like to

provide training to Early Learning Center staff, but who does not meet the employment criteria for FastTrack trainers.

We have provided the necessary FILLABLE .PDF forms to submit.  (Download the .pdf file then select the open or save option.)  Downloading the form will allow you the opportunity to type your information into the form(s) and print for signatures.  (We are not accepting electronic signatures at this time.)

If you would like to be approved as an Independent trainer by Louisiana Pathways, please submit the following information:  

1. Independent Trainer Approval Application - Completed in its entirety, signed and dated.

2. Trainer Agreement and Release Form-Includes verification that you have read Louisiana Pathways Trainer Procedure Manual - Completed in its entirety, initialed. signed and dated.

3. Current Resume

4. Documentation of Educational Background (transcripts for any degree(s) received, copies of credentials, licenses, etc. Includes CLASS reliability certificates or CLASS Trainer certificates and TS Gold Trainer or Inter-rater reliability certificates, if applicable.)

5. Two Trainer Skills Surveys completed by people who have observed you training.

6. Documentation of completion of “Pathways Trainer Orientation” and “Louisiana's Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards

Incomplete applications and submissions with missing documents will be deferred and not processed.

If approved, the trainer will receive a certificate from Louisiana Pathways recognizing the trainer level and approved areas for training (CDA Subject areas). Individuals will be certified as Trainer I, II or III based on their documented education and experience.

The approved trainer will then be included in the Louisiana Pathways Trainer Registry, and will receive a unique Pathways trainer identification number which will be included on the continuing education certificates that he/she provides to attendees.

Initial approval and each renewal will be effective for a period of 3 years.